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Big brother in our house?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the perfect mom – I think most of my mommy friends can relate to that. However, how many of us are comfortable with people actually seeing or hearing us at our worst moments? Read More…

Betcha can’t eat just one…potato…

As someone who can easily devour an entire bag of chips in one sitting, I thought I’d do a little experiment to see if I could figure out exactly how many potatoes I was consuming. Annnnnnd…it’s not pretty.

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What nobody told me about mom underwear

In my top drawer, tucked away in the far left corner, there is an array of beautiful bras and underwear. Flowers, stripes, polka dots, lace, silk – there are at least a dozen sets that sit there, waiting to be used again. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Because these poor souls haven’t seen the outside of my drawer in over three years.
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Apps for Craps: Peekly LS theme (or, what happens when your hubby’s shit goes viral)

Ok, so once again, I find myself writing about an “app” that most certainly isn’t to be used as a time waster in the washroom. And again, it happens to be one created by my husband, Stu. I guess it’s expected that I’ll want to write about his work, but what neither of us expected was the immense internet response to his latest creation.

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Please replace my baby with your cat

Dear Facebook friend,

I humbly invite you to to unbaby yourself.

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The second bum commercial

Ok, so I imagine by now you’ve already read about the first bum commercial. Shortly after that, impossibly, it turned out that there was another bum commercial holding auditions in the Toronto area.

Was I being typecast?

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The first bum commercial

Once upon a time, I thought I would be a famous movie star. I honed my skills by practicing my David Letterman interview in front of the mirror (“Oh Dave, I don’t know…I guess being teased by Cory, Dave, and Rob in grade six really helped shape who I am. I’m thankful that they called me ‘Peanut Bra’ on the bus, so that I can take those emotions and really use them when acting.”)

Never, did I practice talking with my butt.

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My acting career goes down the toilet

When I was a little girl, my favourite toys were microphones, stages, costumes, and mirrors. I always wore dresses, had pigtails or tightly woven french braids, and stylish hair accessories. My parents love to remind me of the time when I leaned over my pancakes at our little local restaurant and whispered, “See those people over there looking at me? They’re looking at me because I’m so cute.”

Obviously, I wanted to be a movie star.

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Apps for Craps: Pebbly LS Theme

This app definitely isn’t designed to waste time on the toilet – in fact, just the opposite.

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Feces on Facebook?

A few days ago, my 2-year-old daughter was playing with my phone when she miraculously pressed the correct sequence of buttons and posted a rather risqué photo to Facebook.

A social media shit-storm ensued.

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